“The hardest thing in the world
to understand is the income tax.”

Albert Einstein

Our services

Tax statements

Bookkeeping tax files

Cash flow writing

Recruitment management

Payments of insurance contributions

Issuance of payroll statements

Businesses look for explicit, comprehensible and updated business consultation and consistent support of their needs and set targets.

PRG ACCOUNTING & CONSULTINGis a Tax Accounting Consultants Company, with its head office in the business center of Athens, that offers complete tax services over a wide and diverse spectrum of companies, industries and individuals all over Greece.

Our purpose is for our clients to:

Make Profit: We can help businesses to expand their margin of profit keeping their financial data updated and well-presented. Businesses maximize their income and take better decision, based in our daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Save Time: While we keep the books of our clients, Clients save their precious time focusing on more productive business activities.